Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Disadvantage of DBMS

Although there are many advantages of DBMS, the DBMS may also have some minor disadvantages. These are:
  • Cost of Hardware and Software
A processor with high speed of data processing and memory of large size is required to run the DBMS software. It means that you have to up grade the hardware used for file-based system. Similarly, DBMS software is also very costly,.
  • Cost of Data Conversion
When a computer file-based system is replaced with database system, the data stored into data file must be converted to database file. It is very difficult and costly method to convert data of data file into database. You have to hire database system designers along with application programmers. Alternatively, you have to take the services of some software house. So a lot of money has to be paid for developing software.
  • Cost of Staff Training
Most database management system are often complex systems so the training for users to use the DBMS is required. Training is required at all levels, including programming, application development, and database administration. The organization has to be paid a lot of amount for the training of staff to run the DBMS.
  • Appointing Technical Staff
The trained technical persons such as database administrator, application programmers, data entry operations etc. are required to handle the DBMS. You have to pay handsome salaries to these persons. Therefore, the system cost increases.
  • Database Damage
In most of the organization, all data is integrated into a single database. If database is damaged due to electric failure or database is corrupted on the storage media, the your valuable data may be lost forever.


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  5. hello! I have a slight can databse damage be a disadv to dbms?? doesn't dbms have a recovery/back up mechanism? soo even if the database gets damaged, won't the data be stored in the backup mechanism?
    plz reply!

    1. yes.. database damage is a disadvantage becuase, when a database gets damage and even if there is a backup mechanism for it, it could cost a company millions of dollars when switching to the backup.. because it will take time to get the backup system up and running. due to that the company will loose access to data within that short time. and might be of a great cost. email me if you want more explanation.

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