Sunday, 18 September 2011

Disadvantage of Computer File-based Processing System

Although a computer file-based processing system has many advantages over manual record keeping system, but it has some limitations. The basic disadvantages (or limitations) of computer file-based processing system  are described below.
  • Data Redundancy 
          Redundancy means having multiple copies of the same data. In computer file-based processing system, each application program has its own data files. The same data may be duplicated in more than one file. The duplication of data may create many problems such as:
  1. To update a specific data/record, the same data must be updated in all files, otherwise different file may have different information about a specific item.
  2. A valuable storage space is wasted.
  • Data Inconsistency 
          Data inconsistency mean that different files may contain different information of a particular object or person. Actually redundancy leads  to inconsistency.When the same data is stored in multiple locations, the inconsistency may occur.
  • Data Isolation 
          In computer file-based system, data is isolated in separate files. It is difficult to update and to access particular information from data files.
  • Data Atomicity
          Data atomicity means data or record is either entered as a whole or it is not entered at all.
  • Data Dependence 
          In computer file-based processing systems, the data stored in file depends upon the application program through which the file was created. It means that the structure of data files is coupled with application program.
The physical structure of data files and records are defined in the application program code. It is difficult to change the structure of data files or records. If you want to change the structure of data file (or format of file), then you have to modify the application program.
  • Program Maintenance
          In computer file-based processing system, the structure of data file is coupled with the individual application programs. Therefore, any modification to a data file such as size of a data field, its type etc. requires the modification of the application program also. This process of modifying the program is referred to as program maintenance.
  • Data Sharing
          In computer file-based processing systems, each application program uses its own private data files. The computer file-based processing systems do not provide the facility to share data of a data file among multiple users on the network.
  • Data Security
          The computer file-based processing system do not provide the proper security system against illegal access of data. Anyone can easily change or delete valuable data stored in the data file. It is the most complicated problem of file-processing system.
  • Incompatible File Format
          In computer file-based processing systems, the structure of data file is coupled with the application program and the structure of data file is dependent on the programming languages in which the application program was developed.


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