Monday, 19 September 2011


Typically database management system is considered as a computerized record keeping system. However, DBMS is a collection of programs, which are used to define, create and maintain database. Basically, database management system is a general-purpose software package whose overall purpose is to maintain information and to make that information available on demand. You can also develop a special purpose DBMS software (in Visual Basic, C++ etc.) to create and maintain database.
There are many functions of general-purpose DBMS software but the main functions are:
  • Defining the Structure of Database: which involves defining tables and their relationships, fields and their data types and constraints for data to be stored in the database.
  • Populating the Database: which involves to store data into database.
  • Manipulating the Database: which involves to retrieves specific data, update data, insert data, and to generate reports.
Now consider the example of university computer file-based processing system is converted  to database management system, applicants, students, courses, and faculty is stored in a single file called database. The data is integrated into database. It means that the data items are stored in a compatible format and logical connection among them is also stored. The database contains a description of its own structure so that the database management system "knows" what data item exist and how they are related to each other. Many users can share the database through the database management system. The Database Management system also provides a user-interface for online queries. The users can access the database directly from terminals, using query language such as Structured Query Language statements.


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