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Advantages of DBMS

The database management system has a number of advantages as compared to traditional computer file-based processing approach. The DBA must keep in mind these benefits or capabilities during databases and monitoring the DBMS.
The Main advantages of DBMS are described below.

  • Controlling Data Redundancy 
In non-database systems each application program has its own private files. In this case, the duplicated copies of the same data is created in many places. In DBMS, all data of an organization is integrated into a single database file. The data is recorded in only one place in the database and it is not duplicated.

  • Sharing of Data
In DBMS, data can be shared by authorized users of the organization. The database administrator manages the data and gives rights to users to access the data. Many users can be authorized to access the same piece of information simultaneously. The remote users can also share same data. Similarly, the data of same database can be shared between different application programs.

  • Data Consistency 
By controlling the data redundancy, the data consistency is obtained. If a data item appears only once, any update to its value has to be performed only once and the updated value is immediately available to all users. If the DBMS has controlled redundancy, the database system enforces consistency.

  • Integration of Data
In Database management system, data in database is stored in tables. A single database contains multiple tables and relationships can be created between tables (or associated data entities). This makes easy to retrieve and update data.
  • Integration Constraints
Integrity constraints or consistency rules can be applied to database so that the correct data can be entered into database. The constraints may be applied to data item within a single record or the may be applied to relationships between records.
  • Data Security
Form is very important object of DBMS. You can create forms very easily and quickly in DBMS. Once a form is created, it can be used many times and it can be modified very easily. The created forms are also saved along with database and behave like a software component. A form provides very easy way (user-friendly) to enter data into database, edit data and display data from database. The non-technical users can also perform various operations on database through forms without going into technical details of a fatabase.
  • Report Writers
Most of the DBMSs provide the report writer tools used to create reports. The users can create very easily and quickly. Once a report is created, it can be used may times and it can be modified very easily. The created reports are also saved along with database and behave like a software component.
  • Control Over Concurrency 
In a computer file-based system, if two users are allowed to access data simultaneously, it is possible that they will interfere with each other. For example, if both users attempt to perform update operation on the same record, then one may overwrite the values recorded by the other. Most database management systems have sub-systems to control the concurrency so that transactions are always recorded with accuracy.
  • Backup and Recovery Procedures 
In a computer file-based system, the user creates the backup of data regularly to protect the valuable data from damage due to failures to the computer system or application program. It is very time consuming method, if amount of data is large. Most of the DBMSs provide the 'backup and recovery' sub-systems that automatically create the backup of data and restore data if required.
  • Data Independence 
The separation of data structure of database from the application program that uses the data is called data independence. In DBMS, you can easily change the structure of database without modifying the application program.


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